Every effort is made to ensure that coding, marking and labelling equipment runs optimally, that maintenance is fast and efficient, and that downtime is always minimised.

Our end-to-end service covers every step in the process of procuring new coding, marking or labelling equipment.

Over the years we have built lasting relationships with customers in diverse industries and have become renowned for service excellence, premium quality and operational reliability. No challenge is too big or too small for our team.

Pyrotec PackMark is fully invested in after-sales support and rapid response to breakdowns or technical challenges. Our multi-tiered service and support approach include service level agreements (SLAs), on-site service (OSS), and a dedicated 24/365 technical support helpline.


Machine downtime means a wasted time and money, and machine uptime depends on quick and efficient installations, superb service, and a speedy response to breakdowns.


We have more than 50 years of service and technical expertise and our technicians constantly undergo training with our principals to update their installation, service and repair skills.


Short and long-term maintenance contracts are available and are customised to your specific requirements.


The hallmark of our technical support is customers’ access to a toll-free technical support helpline (0800 202 574) that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all machine technical related queries.

In addition to providing world-class equipment, our customers are well catered for with full backup and maintenance support. In the event of a breakdown, customers speak directly to a technician who, in most cases, can resolve the problem over the phone. All our equipment comes with a 12 to 18-month warranty, and some with 18-month service intervals.


Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are standard to Pyrotec PackMark’s operational activities and promote beneficial long-term relationships. They define our service levels, as well as how service is monitored, evaluated and measured. Our SLAs consider what constitutes sustainable service levels without compromising on quality and timescales while also providing for flexibility and unplanned problems.

In addition to how service levels are monitored, evaluated and measured, Pyrotec PackMark’s SLAs detail the main services covered by the agreement, when services are available, and costs involved. We also determine the condition of equipment, if not new, and apply the highest quality standards and legal regulations. Customers’ responsibilities are also defined, and conflict resolution or complaint processes are set out.

Having an SLA in place reduces the number of breakdowns experienced on equipment, which reduces downtime and waste. Because regular service visits are scheduled, wearing parts are identified and replaced before they fail, meaning that equipment lasts longer and performs optimally at all times.


Another option is our dedicated on-site service (OSS). This is ideal for customers who have more than eight of Pyrotec PackMark’s machines installed and require maximum uptime from their equipment. It’s also good for those who do not want to take ownership of the equipment’s operation and daily routine maintenance, or if you have a high staff turnover that creates an ongoing requirement for training.

A 12-month customised OSS contract ensures minimum downtime, rapid response should a breakdown occur, increased productivity, and efficient management of consumables. Services include general maintenance, start-up procedures, consumables management, and recording logs where possible.

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