Why Barcodes Matter

Many of us take barcodes, also referred to as UPC and EAN codes, for granted because they’re so commonplace. However, with only some basic printing equipment and a readily-available barcode scanner, this technology offers significant benefits to manufacturers and brand owners as products move through the supply chain.

Each barcode has a unique number that is 12 or 13 digits in length, which cost-effectively, quickly and efficiently tracks and monitors product inventories.

At retail, barcodes are scanned at the till and brand owners’ accounts are credited with the sale. Each barcode is specific to a product variant, including size, flavour and colour for example. During transportation or at the warehouse, these codes provide locational information to track and trace products and assist with stock control.

Benefits of barcodes

Barcodes eliminate the possibility of human error
Because codes are scanned and not manually entered, the risk of error is significantly reduced.

Reliable and time saving
Scanning barcodes is far quicker than entering data by hand.

Reduced training
Training staff to use a hand-held scanner is quick and easy and doesn’t require personnel to know full stock inventories.

Cost effective
Barcodes are inexpensive to design and print and can be customised to suit the product’s packaging.

Barcodes provide data from products at retail as well as from shipping to track inventory throughout the supply chain.

Inventory control
Managing and reducing inventory, and therefore overheads, is possible thanks to precise data capture. Barcodes also save money by tracking the location of shipments that may be considered lost.

Better data
Because data, which can be customised, is scanned directly into a central computer, it’s available immediately. This ensures better decision making and saves time and money.

The proliferation of barcodes and availability of inexpensive equipment has made them affordable for businesses of all sizes, particularly because the encoded data is scalable – as you need more data from your database, you just add more barcodes or codes greater complexity.

Barcode verification
However, a word of caution. Retailers are intolerant of problematic barcodes that cause scanning errors. Faulty codes have costly implications for retailers if they cannot be scanned or decoded properly on the first scan. To avoid poor quality codes, barcode verification equipment evaluates codes during printing to ensure approved reading rates by ISO standards.

Whether an SME or leading brand owner, Markem-Imaje’s coding, marking and verification equipment, available from Pyrotec PackMark, offers extensive on-pack product identification solutions, including self-adhesive label systems, and coding and labelling equipment for primary secondary and tertiary packaging.

To find discover a full range of cutting-edge coding technology, contact Pyrotec PackMark today.

Across industries, manufacturers need to identify products, cartons, pallets, and shipments. To do this, coding and marking equipment must be able to mark an array of substrates in varying packaging environments, without sacrificing line speeds.

CimJet Label printer applicators from Markem-Imaje, locally available from Pyrotec PackMark, are recognised for their high-quality printing, outstanding reliability and rugged durability in the toughest manufacturing environments. The proven design delivers accurate, clear, crisp codes and 100% readable barcodes meeting GS1 (UCC-EAN) standards to enable superior visibility in the supply chain.

Single-side case coding

Ideal for single-side case coding in most packaging environments, the Crayon Plus drop on demand (DOD) printer from Markem-Imaje makes seamless integration into production lines and exceptionally high-quality coding possible with its distinctive design and innovative valvejet technology.

What can manufacturers expect from the Crayon Plus DOD coder?

Unsurpassed flexibility, increased uptime, superior performance, and simplicity.

We understand that manufacturers need industrial printing solutions that easily integrate into their existing environment without a lot of hassle and time.

Your benefits

Outstanding flexibility, whether you need one or two lines of text. A variety of colours designed for use on porous surfaces include blue, black, red, and green. Additionally, more than 22 000 Unicode characters make it possible to personalise messages and comply with both export and local markets. No downtime to replace ink cartridges, and a low ink level alert that allows replacement in mere seconds with no interruption in the production process.

With print speeds up to 60m/minute and consistent printing up to 15mm marking distance while maintaining superior quality, the Crayon Plus gives you full control with direction sensors and automatic print speed.

The Crayon Plus is simple to integrate and use. With a WYSIWYG print preview and an intuitive, international interface for easy, glitch-free operation, it offers four-line graphic display and one click plug-in ink cartridges. Your production line is ready to go in an instant and integration into packaging lines, databases and ERP systems is flexible via CoLOS® Enterprise Software.

Ready to find out more?

Contact Pyrotec PackMark now to find out how to effortlessly integrate superior results in coding and marking, even for the most difficult substrates.

Around-the-clock service

In today’s competitive business environment, staying ahead of the game is the game. To do this, manufacturers need to ensure that their equipment remains effective and runs optimally at all times.

The overall performance of machinery and equipment depends on its Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), which refers to a number of factors – the availability of the equipment, its performance rate, and the quality versus reject rate. In other words, each of these OEE factors relates to downtime costs. As we well know, downtime is a major hindrance to attaining manufacturing efficiency. It leads to hold-ups in manufacturing processes and creates a cascading effect that disrupts workflow.

At Pyrotec PackMark we provide a comprehensive portfolio of world-class coding equipment for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging requirements, which we support with a 24-hour call centre that’s manned by our technicians. In the event of a breakdown, customers speak directly to a technician who, in most cases, is able to resolve the problem over the phone.

However, for customers with more than eight of Pyrotec PackMark’s machines installed on your lines, our dedicated On-Site Service (OSS) is ideal for ensuring maximum uptime from equipment. It’s also good if you do not want to take ownership of the equipment’s operation and daily routine maintenance, or if you have a high staff turnover that creates an ongoing requirement for training.

A 12-month customised OSS contract ensures minimum downtime, rapid response should a breakdown occur, increased productivity, and efficient management of consumables. Services include general maintenance, start-up procedures, consumables management, and recording logs where possible.

Keeping costs down and ensuring a return on investment is paramount in any production facility. Pyrotec PackMark’s OSS provides the peace of mind that effective and efficient support is on hand when needed.

To find out about Pyrotec PackMark’s commitment to after sales support and rapid response to breakdowns or technical challenges, visit www.packmark.co.za.


Self-adhesive label applicators, often an essential aspect of a production line, can range in size and speed depending on your requirements. A production line is built on hundreds of moving parts all working in harmony, so you don’t want the label applicator to be the weak link.

At retail, a label is essential for selling your product. It’s what attracts consumers’ attention. And, for your label to be perfectly applied to your product, you need the appropriate label applicator for the type, size and shape of the packaged product being labelled.

The different types of labelling machines:

Pyrotec PackMark offers an end-to-end service that covers every step in the process of procuring or renting labelling equipment, from project management to after-sales technical support.

To ensure our customers have the correct equipment for their applications, technicians will consider the type of container the label is being applied to, whether the application is manual, semi-automatic or automatic, the line speed required, the environmental conditions where labelling takes place, as well as transport and storage conditions and other specific needs.

Pyrotec PackMark supplies a range of self-adhesive, print and apply and linear labelling equipment, automatic, semi-automatic, and entry-level self-adhesive labels, as well as hand-held labellers and labellers for cylindrical objects.

Causes four common problems:

Four common label application issues include:

Wrinkling – Folds or ridges in your labels indicate wrinkling, the most common cause of which is using the wrong material for the container. Your label supplier or printer needs to know if you’re labelling onto a board, glass, or squeezable flexible or rigid plastic. Incorrect application or container irregularities may also cause wrinkling.

Tearing – To avoid tearing, label material should be durable. Films such as vinyl or polyester offer good tear resistance.

Flagging – A bulge along the edge of a label is called flagging and occurs if the label is too big or isn’t the right shape for the container.

Peeling or curling – Peeling may occur if labels are applied in cold or damp environments or if bottles are damp, dirty or greasy. It’s also important to ensure that labels have enough time to correctly set up and adhere to the bottle before being refrigerated to help prevent this problem.

Do you need professional help for your label application needs? Visit www.packmark.co.za for an end-to-end service that covers every step in the process of procuring or renting labelling equipment.

Cost-saving consumables

As the tough economic climate tightens its grip on production costs, are you tempted to cut costs? Do you believe that opting for less expensive consumables for coders and thermal transfer printers will save you money?

Brandon Pearce, Pyrotec PackMark’s General Manager explains why tried-and-tested, specifically-designed consumables may cost a little more in the short term, but those long-term savings should not be overlooked.

‘The harmful effect of “grey” consumables will cost companies more money in the long term as expensive printer parts become damaged, specifically when it comes to the Markem-Imaje Thermal Transfer Ribbon consumables. Generic consumables have a negative effect on the lifespan of the print heads and the printer, forcing customers to replace expensive parts at costs far outweighing the savings made by using cheaper alternatives,’ Brandon warns

There are distinct advantages to using the correct consumable, especially with bigger capital investment equipment such as large printers.

Specially developed

The correct consumables are specially developed for their intended purpose on a specific machine. ‘The Markem-Imaje Thermal Transfer Ribbons have precise release layers and a back coating that matches the Markem-Imaje machine’s print heads. A poor-quality back coating can cause premature printhead wear and damage, as well as machine malfunction from static build-up,’ Brandon notes.

Less risk

Markem-Imaje consumables are extensively tested using ISO standards and are put through strict inspection criteria to ensure that you receive the highest quality products. ‘Using cheaper alternatives negates the terms of the printer’s warranty – when something goes wrong, and it often does, you are left with a hefty repair bill that could have been avoided,’ Brandon cautions.

Global consistency

Markem-Imaje consumables are consistent across the world. If you have facilities in multiple locations, you are assured of always receiving the same product to achieve the same exacting standards.

Integrated design

Markem-Imaje’s products offer complete synergy between printers and consumables – a new model is never created without simultaneously considering the consumables capable of optimising its performance. ‘This approach guarantees the long-term reliability of coders, as well as the quality and resistance of codes,’ Brandon insists.

To watch Pyrotec PackMark’s Do-It-Yourself video on Changing consumables for Markem-Imaje’s CIJ 9028 continuous inkjet printer, go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TN4eg3c1mI.

Are you looking for a high-quality, high-performance printing solution to meet your marking and coding needs on pipes, cable, tubes and profiles? Do you also need equipment that is robust enough to withstand a demanding environment?

Overcoming common industry challenges

If you are struggling with poor code quality, ink transference challenges or extensive downtime because of coding equipment issues, it may be time to find a solution that is specifically designed for extrusion coding, producing reliable codes time after time.

At Pyrotec PackMark we have non-contact continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers supported by innovative consumables and technologies that are created specifically for the extrusion industry.

What do you need?

Whether you’re looking for a machine that operates independently or a solution that can be integrated into your existing infrastructure and seamlessly networked with the other equipment on your manufacturing lines, we can provide you with a product that suits your unique operating environment and business needs.

If you need to print codes, logos and other information on pipes, cable, tubes and profiles at high speed, we can give you with the ability to do just this, on a range of substrates including PE, PP, PA, PUR and halogen-free polymers.

Ready to find out more?

Contact Pyrotec PackMark now to find out how to can introduce more efficiency and consistency into your challenging extrusion coding environment.

More industries are moving from conventional printing to digital printing. According to recent research by Future Market Insights[1], global demand for coding and marking equipment is forecast to grow over the next 10 years – resulting in a 1.7 x increase in revenue between 2017 to 2027. The value of this market in 2027 is projected to reach more than USD 1.7 billion.

The largest growth segment in this market, in terms of market value, is continuous inkjet printing (CIJ) equipment.

Why CIJ?

This technology prints digital images by expelling droplets of ink onto various substrates. Many manufacturers prefer this coding and marking technique because it is a non-impact process, which allows millions of characters to be printed using just a litre of ink.

The ink used by CIJ printers is also quick-drying, which means that no time is wasted during the coding and marking process. CIJ is therefore both efficient and cost-effective.

At the same time, this non-contact printing method allows for high-speed, precision printing onto a variety of shapes and substrates, which provides a great return on the hardware investment.

How to take advantage of this technology

Pyrotec PackMark distributes market-leading product identification and traceability solutions, including a full line of reliable and innovative continuous inkjet systems.

Our range of Markem-Imaje CIJ printers are ideal for use in the coding and marking of:

  • Electronics;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Foods and beverages;
  • Cables;
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • And other product categories.

For world-class industrial printing solutions that provide clear, accurate, high quality coding on many types of substrates, in all types of environments – contact us today.

[1] http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/marking-and-coding-equipment-market-to-grow-at-cagr-of-55-through-2027-by-fmi-940256.htm

Recent research reported by digitaljournal.com reveals that the global market for barcoding machines is growing. The value of this market is forecast to increase beyond USD 3.8 billion by 2024, reflecting the rapidly rising demand for product identification solutions worldwide.

Barcodes and other coding solutions are unique identifiers that enable everyone in the supply chain to recognise, classify, track, trace and manage products – and the elements used to produce these – as they move from production floor to end user.

Originally intended for use on retail products to drive efficiency at the check-out, barcodes are now used on primary, secondary and tertiary packaging. Primary barcodes are typically printed on the product packaging itself – the layer presented to the consumer in the retail environment. Secondary barcodes are used on cartons that contain products to be shipped or distributed. And tertiary barcodes are applied to the pallets that contain cartons of mixed products. Here, the barcode provides information that’s needed during the transport and warehousing process.

As consumption becomes more globalised and coding technology grows more sophisticated, it’s important to be sure you’re accessing the most innovative, efficient and effective product identification solutions available.

Where to find the best coding and marking equipment

Because coding and marking allows everyone involved in the production, processing, distribution and retail stages to quickly access the traceability information they need for any product they’re dealing with, the printed result needs to be easily legible and totally resilient.

Also, codes are applied and used in a wide range of environments, including those that are exposed to heat and humidity. The most sought-after coding solutions are those that reliably produce consistent, accurate, high quality and perfectly legible codes at high speeds, even in spaces that are dirty or humid,

Simultaneously, every production and packaging floor strives for optimum efficiency and minimal downtime in their coding processes – and therefore values coding equipment that saves time, cuts operational costs and comes underpinned by excellent service. 

If you are looking for marking and coding systems that can meet all these needs, contact Pyrotec PackMark. We offer a wide range of equipment and consumables from international industry leaders Markem-Imaje, ALTech and Harland Machine Systems, among other brands. We also provide comprehensive after sales support, offering rapid response to breakdowns, on-site service and a dedicated 24/365 technical support line: 0800 202 574.