It’s essential for South Africa’s packaging, printing and labelling industries to stay up to speed on the latest technologies and trends on both the global and local scene. Industry leaders will soon gather at Propak Cape, which takes place at the Cape Town International Conference Centre (CTICC) from the 24th until the 26th of October

Traceability through the supply chain

Coding and marking is the way in which essential product and traceability information is displayed on products, labels and packaging. Even before the R146 food labelling regulations were introduced in 2012, all foodstuffs were already required to be marked with batch identification numbers. This was true, too, for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors. Whatever goods

Customised coding and labelling solutions

Pyrotec’s machinery division, Pyrotec PackMark, has launched a new service, known as Line ID (Line Identification), to provide a fully-integrated customised coding and labelling tracking systems for its customers. Line ID assists customers to increase line visibility, while improving efficiency by tracking waste, labour and resources; and limiting downtime by enabling critical decisions to be

Cutting complexity from coding

Every business involved in production and packaging aims for optimum efficiency in their coding processes. No organisation can afford the frustration of unnecessary break-downs or down-time due to complex maintenance problems. In this environment, the demand for reliable, innovative coding equipment that saves time, cuts operational costs and comes underpinned by excellent service, is at
Artificial intelligence (AI) may not be a new field of technology, but it has recently gained traction. Thanks to rapidly increasing computational power and the rise of Big Data, there are more business cases for smart technologies emerging every day. While we’re not yet cruising around in self driving cars, one area of AI that

At your service

Pyrotec’s machinery division, Pyrotec PackMark, is fully invested in after sales support and rapid response to breakdowns or technical challenges. Evidence of this commitment can be seen by its multi-tiered approach that includes service level agreements (SLAs), on-site service (OSS), and a dedicated 24/365 technical support helpline. In a business-to-business environment, properly defined relationships are
Pyrotec PackMark’s Coding and Labelling Machinery Division is proud to bring you the ultra-portable Anser U2 Mobile Hand-held Printer. It is hardly surprising that this unique, versatile and lightweight printer is already a hot topic of conversation locally. As the world’s lightest and most compact printer, weighing in at a mere 1 kg, the U2
Voice-activated technology is a fast-emerging trend in the world of computing. More people are chatting to voice assistants such as Amazon Echo (a screen- and keyboard-free device that answers to the name Alexa), Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. These and other voice-driven tools are leveraged for a wide variety of purposes, including entertainment, answering trivia