Are you looking for a high-quality, high-performance printing solution to meet your marking and coding needs on pipes, cable, tubes and profiles? Do you also need equipment that is robust enough to withstand a demanding environment? Overcoming common industry challenges If you are struggling with poor code quality, ink transference challenges or extensive downtime because
More industries are moving from conventional printing to digital printing. According to recent research by Future Market Insights[1], global demand for coding and marking equipment is forecast to grow over the next 10 years – resulting in a 1.7 x increase in revenue between 2017 to 2027. The value of this market in 2027 is
Recent research reported by reveals that the global market for barcoding machines is growing. The value of this market is forecast to increase beyond USD 3.8 billion by 2024, reflecting the rapidly rising demand for product identification solutions worldwide. Barcodes and other coding solutions are unique identifiers that enable everyone in the supply chain
Manufacturers have a constant battle to meet the high demands required for coding and marking packaging while maintaining operational costs. Ideal for flexible packaging, thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) is a digital printing process that has largely replaced hot stamping and other more traditional analogue printing techniques, largely because of its cost reduction. Thermal transfer overprinting

Convenient coding: the hand-held printer

Coding and marking have come a long way since the concept of a machine-readable barcode was first patented in America in 1949. Innovation in this field has been fuelled by a growing demand for solutions that enable traceability through the entire value chain. It’s also been driven by a demand for coding technology that produces

Bar codes: back to the beginning

Bar codes – and more modern versions such as two-dimensional codes and QR codes – allow organisations around the globe to uniquely identify their products and trace these at every point along the value chain. It’s difficult to imagine life without machine-readable product codes, but this concept has only been in commercial use since the
The highly-successful Propak Cape exhibition, held between October 24 and 26, received positive feedback from exhibitors and visitors. Interactive displays, live demonstrations and technical presentations for the FMCG processing, packaging and allied industries once again made this an industry flagship event with some 6 000 visitors attending during the three-day event. Veteran exhibitor, Pyrotec PackMark,
When it comes to labelling products and cartons, manufacturers and packaging specialists are constantly looking for ways to reduce labour costs whilst simultaneously providing faster, more reliable and accurate labelling solutions. Print and Apply Systems – which create and then apply labels directly onto products or packaging whilst still on the conveyor system – are