Thermal transfer overprinting 101

Thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) is a modern digital printing process that provides an innovative alternative to hot stampers and other more traditional analogue printing techniques. TTO technology is ideal for flexible substrates. This type of technology can be used to print on almost any type of flexible material, including: Plastic Foil Films (plastic or foil)

More than just a standard printer

Pyrotec’s machinery division, Pyrotec PackMark, has launched the new 9405 Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) coder from the trusted global manufacturer of product identification and traceability solutions, Markem-Imaje. CIJ technology is one of the oldest printing technologies still in use today, which is testament to its versatility, printing tolerances, reliability and cost effectiveness. It is ideal for

The benefits of serialised coding

Serialisation is the process of assigning each product or product component with a unique serial number or code. This makes it possible to trace these items as they move from the production and packaging floor through the supply chain and on to the end user. This unique identifier is printed onto these items using coding
A range of advanced digital technologies are re-shaping the manufacturing environment, shifting the way that businesses in the sector operate. These innovations are predicted to bring about the next industrial revolution. Known as Industry 4.0, this manufacturing era will be focused on offering increased speed to market and better value for money. However, while previous

The benefits of marking and coding

For those who are new to packaging or supply chain management – marking and coding is the method of printing essential product and traceability information on packaging, labels and other manufactured materials. Everyday examples include barcodes, serialisation codes, and expiry or ‘best by’ dates. There are several reasons why product owners need to print marks

You’re invited to KITE

If you haven’t already pre-registered for the Kwazulu-Natal Industrial Technology Exhibition (KITE) from 26–28 July 2017 – you can do so now: KITE 2017 presents the largest and most comprehensive display of industrial technology equipment and services in KZN, all under one roof. We would love you to join Pyrotec PackMark at the exhibition
No matter what the application, the SmartLase C150 and C350 from Markem-Imaje – locally distributed by Pyrotec ParkMark – offer impressive benefits for laser coding on paper-based cartons for the food industry. Whether manufacturers are looking to improve traceability and anti-diversion (up to 120 characters with 3mm character height), code readable and permanent information with
Exclusively distributed and supported in South Africa by Pyrotec PackMark, the Markem-Imaje SmartLase C350 HD and LHD offers a range of configurations to suit different sectors in the food and beverage industry, with solutions that can be adapted for the rate, size and substrate of your product to ensure consistent, high quality codes with no