Continuous Inkjet Coder 9405


More than just a standard printer

Quick multiline message set-up for optimal line effectiveness.

Proven robustness
Constant quality coding, long maintenance intervals.

Best ink options to help achieve your traceability and sustainability goals
High level of contrast and adhesion ink offer including a permanent black, a thermochromic and a MEK-free ink.

Hygienic design
Full stainless steel design, with no retention zones, allows easy daily washdown (full IP55).


Operate it efficiently
Intuitive color touch screen to help you manage your coder on your own.

Intuitive guidance
Embedded software for independent, efficient coder management.
Easy to configure
Quickly create or upload your codes via a USB connection, or via the user interface in your local language.

More efficiency via its real-time consumable display
Accurate consumable display and efficient replacement without stopping production.

Improve daily operations
The 9405’s smart design facilitates daily operations and ensures seamless integration.

Easy and mistake proof operation
Clean and secure, our innovative cartridge system requires no set-up and eliminates consumable management errors.

Fast, simple printhead cleaning
Open the printhead, wash it and close it in just 2 minutes.