The ALPharma self-labelling systems have been specially devised by ALTECH for the packages of pharmaceutical products. Based on the wide experience gained in designing its innovative labelling systems which have proven extremely successful in all market sectors, ALTECH has developed the ALPharma line, whose particularly advanced features fully comply with the strict rules and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry.

This line has been designed according to the Good Engineering Practices (GEP) with special attention to a range of specific needs, such as:

  • Easy cleaning of the machine thanks to its smooth surfaces, the limited amount of interstices, the high position of the electrical parts and/or their protection against liquid spills.
  • Ergonomic mechanical parts, easy format change, repeatable settings.
  • Noble materials, especially stainless steel (aISI 304 or 316).
  • The integration of label printing devices with essential, sensible data (batches, sell-by dates), by means of hot foil or thermal transfer printing units.
  • The integration of sensors for correct application, overprinting performed and labelling performed checking.
  • The integration of an in-built control system equipped with a Siemens S7-300 PLC and a touch screen interface which manages all functions of the machine and its checking devices.
  • The possibility of certifying the machine as per GAMP 4 (IQ/OQ/PQ) validation process with the provision of the related documents and the performance of tests (FAT, SAT) according to these procedures.

The ALPharma models are:

  •  ALPharma A – labelling vials and small bottles. The labelling is performed from tray to tray, “in-the starwheel”.
  • Up to 150 products/min.
  • ALpharma B – labelling shaped cases, with both bar code labels (tags, vignettes) and tamper evident angle labels folded along the flaps (up to 200 products/min).
  • ALPharma C – in-line wrap-around labelling of small, cylindrical bottles.
  • up to 250 products/min.



  • Hot or thermal transfer overprinting.
  • Checking device for near end of reel and rewinder full.
  • Checking device for near products.
  • Checking device for bar codes.
  • Checking device for performed and/or correct overprinting by means of mark readers or a video camera.
  • Checking device for performed labelling by means of luminescence sensors or a video camera.
  • Ejection of non-compliant products with checking device for performed ejection and rejects box full.
  • Management of formats and management of alarms and rejects log.
  • ALPharma A
  • ALPharma B
  • ALPharma C
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