Facilitate logistics with the 4700’s proven drop on demand valvejet technology. The 4700 is quick and easy to install and operate. It offers numerous low-resolution text and logo options in several colours for porous, semi-porous and non-porous products. Its extended ink capacity enables you to maximise production uptime while its reserve tank allows for consumable changes without stopping your line.

Main benefits

  • Made to fit on any line.
  • The compactness of this coder makes it the perfect solution for some of the most inaccessible production lines and environments. Printing on a variety of packages and materials (lumber, wallboard, etc.), it easily integrates with other equipment via I/O connection for message select, error output, and weight scale integration.
  • Effortless image creation with 7” colour touchscreen.
  • Using intuitive icons, operate and design codes in your local language with Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Thai, etc. characters.
  • Your product, your print. Identify your products with your choice of static text, date, time, expiration date, shift code, counter, and even logos, in your choice of eight font sizes.
  • Improve readability. Use one printhead for simplicity or two, with the second printhead mounted on the opposite side of the case, to make the codes visible from all directions.
  • Flexibility to print on a variety of materials. Choose from a wide ink offering, in black or colour, for your porous or non-porous packaging or materials such as cardboard, coated cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, PVC, and wood. Codes will remain readable even in the most challenging storage conditions.
  • Reduced logistics errors with large characters. With your choice of the 7 or 16 nozzle printhead, print up to 56 mm high codes with a single printhead or stitch print with two printheads together, to create a code with up to 114 mm characters. Message will be legible from afar helping to simplify internal logistics and avoid errors.
  • Add ink without stopping your line. 20L ink canister allows for more product coding and can be changed during production thanks to the additional reservoir.
  • Increased throughput.
  • Run your line up to 90 m/min to get more product out the door.
  • Constructed to be IP54 compliant. Ensures reliable operation even in a dusty environment and when splashed with water.

Print features

  • 4 water-based ink colours:
    • Black, red, blue, and clear (UV visible) for printing on porous paper, cardboard, plasterboard, or pulp; two propanol -based colours – black and red for printing on non-porous coated paper; red ethanol-based for printing on wood; and black ethyl acetate- based for printing on non-porous high-gloss coated surfaces, plastic, HDPE, cellophane, PVC, metal and glass
  • 5 L or 20 L ink canisters, with ink level alarm, and indication of remaining ink on the screen
  • One or two printheads
  • 7 nozzle printheads to print one line, maximum 24 mm
  • 16 nozzle printheads to print up to two lines, and up to a maximum 56 mm
  • 7 nozzle printheads print two independent lines, each up to a maximum 24 mm
  • 16 nozzle printheads may print independent images, each up to a maximum 56 mm
  • 16 nozzle printheads also print a single interconnected image up to maximum 114 mm
  • Prints text, time, date, expiration dates, shift code, counters, image (png or bmp)
  • Prints variables supplied from an external source via the serial port
  • Calendar feature for custom date formats
  • Stores at least 800 messages
  • Character width adjustment
  • Print delay for message placement
  • Top, side, opposite side, and bottom printing
  • 2-20 mm print distance between the printhead and the object (<5 mm recommended for best print quality)
  • Print in any direction
  • Ink circuit:
    • Internally regulated- No adjustments needed and no plant air needed
  • Character sets: Unicode capability: Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Thai, etc.
  • Support for True Type and BDF-font format
  • Font matrix:- 7N: 5×5, 7×5- 16N: 5×5, 5×7, 12×10, 16×10- (2) 7N: 5×5, 7×5, 12×7- (2) 16N: 5×5, 7×5, 12×7, 16×10, 25×19, 32×24
  • Five printhead slant angles for finer resolution at reduced print heights
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