The SmartLase C340 is an all-in-one, cost-effective, CE certified laser coding solution that is suitable for basic packaging applications in the food and beverage industries.

Complete & flexible
All-in-one laser solution for fast and easy line code changes

Ready to print in one convenient unit
An affordable all-in-one design, the SmartLase C340 comes complete with a built-in fume extractor and package sensor mounted on an adjustable stand with a rolling caster base.

Easily moveable unit
Change codes or transport the SmartLase C340 all-in-one solution from one conveyor to the next in less than 15 minutes with convenient adjustable stand and caster base.

Powerful enough to handle most coding and marking applications
SmartLase C340 is capable of meeting all your package coding needs with 30 watts of power at a 10.6 wavelength and choice of lenses from 70 to 120 mm.

Robust & simple

An industrial designed laser for consistently crisp codes

Durable design
Reliable IP44 design (no plastic parts). Resists > 1 mm particles and water sprays. Prints in environments up to 45 °C.

Eliminate operator errors
Intuitive and simple user interface options; optional 7” WYSIWYG touch screen or quick and convenient web-based UI for remote access laptop or desktop PC.

High-quality codes
Patented “SmartLase Code Technology” ensures superior quality codes on a wide variety of substrates, including difficult-to-code laminate coated materials, at a rate of up to 125 metres per minute.

Trusted technology
Leveraging the same “SmartLase Code Technology” that is embedded into all our SmartLase models, ensures the
SmartLase C340 user experience is easy and straightforward. Utilising patented algorithms and unique fonts allows for impeccable lines and curves, achieving high-quality codes at faster line speeds.

Flexibility and uptime
Ability to adjust contrast and code position without stopping production.



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